About Boysenberries

Boysenberries are a raspberry/blackberry hybrid. They are a luscious, large juicy berry, grown on vines up to 2 metres high. A boysenberry grows long canes over the summer which are hung over, and tied into wires during the winter. The buds burst from these canes in mid august. Each bud produces 5 fruit in December.

Being situated in the sunny Bay of Plenty we are very fortunate to have an early growing season for Boysenberries. We are able to start picking our fruit in early December, peaking for xmas and then finishing early January. Boysenberries have a very brief growing season so make the most of these delicious special berries!

In addition to being eaten fresh during the brief growing season, boysenberries are also incorporated into jams, preserves, and syrups.

Because Boysenberries are a delicate, juicy berry they are difficult to handle once off the vine. It is important to eat them within two or three days of purchase.

Health benefits

Boysenberries are a rich source of Anti-oxidants. It is believed that they:

  • Boost memory and maintain brain health
  • Have an anti-inflammatory action
  • Are anti-carcinogenic
  • Are full of fibre, which helps lower cholesterol and maintain heart health
  • Contain Folic Acid (one cup of berries contains one third of the recommended daily folate, which is essential during pregnancy.


  • Great for snacking on!
  • A healthy cereal topping to start the day with
  • Boysenberry smoothies
  • Yoghurt flavouring
  • Add to a glass of bubbly for that special touch
  • Eat frozen! Our kids love munching on frozen Boysenberries. Healthy and time consuming. Yay!